What type of payments are allowed?

We offer three types of payments to make buying and selling on The Ministry Market as easy as possible.  If you are a seller, then you have the choice to use one or all three.  In order to accommodate your buyers it is recommended you setup all three.  When you are purchasing from a shop owner you will be required to use the payment methods they have setup.

Our three options are Paypal, Credit Cards by Stripe, and a Virtual Wallet.  You can access all three of these from your store settings.

Payments 1

1)  Paypal

Pretty much everyone has a paypal account.  Paypal is one of the easiest and safest ways to buy and sell online.  You can use money in your paypal account or use it for a Credit Card Payment.

2) Credit Cards by Stripe

Stripe is the online leader in credit card processing.  If you have your own website or online shop it’s likely you already have a stripe account.  If you have your own account you can link it to your shop on the ministry market.

It’s free and easy to create your own stripe account.  Setting up this account is highly recommended because it provides the easiest way possible for users to pay.

Payments 2

3)  Virtual Wallet

This is a versatile payment system that can be used in multiple ways.   Its main intention is for users to create a virtual balance, which can be used for paying for products INSTANTLY in your system. There is no authorization or confirmation to wait for. The system automatically adjusts balance on either side.

Payments 3