How do I feature my product on the homepage?

Are you looking for more exposure for your products?  You can feature any of your products whenever you like.  This is a great option if you are looking to highlight a new product or one during a holiday.  There are a variety of options and prices that you can choose from to highlight you product.

When you feature your item you will get 3 different kinds of exposure.

1.  Featured on the Home Page
2.  Feature on the Top of the Category Page
3.  The “Featured” Banner will be displayed on your product.

Follow these steps to feature your product:

1.  Go to your Product, Click the Featured Item Box (bottom left of image)

Featured product 1


2.  Select How Long You Want to Feature Your Product

Featured Product 2


3.  Checkout and Pay

Featured Product 3


4.  View Your Product on the Home Page

Featured Product 4