How do I become a seller?

Becoming a seller on The Ministry Market is a breeze!  It’s FREE!  It costs you no money to list products.  Follow these basic steps to start selling and listing free products to share with others.

1.  Click on “Become a Seller”

Once you have created your account and are logged in you will be able to create a seller account.  From your dropdown menu select “Become a Seller.”

Seller 1

2.  Choose the Seller Account that fits you best

Our goal is to always provide our users with a variety of accounts that you can choose from.  We will always have a free account available to list and use our site, but want to provide extra features for our larger shops.

Simply choose the account that works for you.  If you choose our free account, obviously there is no cost involved.

Seller 2

3.  Setup Your Shop

After you’ve selected the account that fits you best simply setup your shop.  You can find your shop settings from your dashboard.

Seller 3