About Us

The Ministry Market is an open marketplace to buy, sell, and share ministry resources.  There are a wide variety of resources on this site.  They can be new items, used items, digital downloads, media, items you pickup locally, or resources shipped to your door.

The heart and soul of The Ministry Market is our global community and all of our creative users.  This website was not designed to be a business or make money.  It’s simply to provide and easy way to share ministry resources with one another.

Think about it.  How many churches have closets full of materials and items that another church across town needs?  Many leaders of the church have hard drives full of lessons, curriculum, and media.  Until the start of The Ministry Market there was simply no way to share these with each other on a global level.

Let’s simply share our resources with each other and spread the gospel!

The idea of The Ministry Market was first started in 2011.  The initial work began on how to take an idea an turn it into reality.  In late 2012 we launched our first version of The Ministry Market.  It quickly grew over several months and by January of 2013 there were over 250 shops, 2,500 products, and 3,000 users.  In the spring of 2013 our server company migrated our server to a new location and things went wrong, really wrong.  In the process we lost our current server, backups on another server, and pretty much everything.

When we lost everything we were heart broken.  There was so much time, energy, and money we used to start the ministry market.  The sole purpose was not to make money, but provide an avenue for users to share resources with each other.  When we lost the entire website in 2013 we prayed about what to do.  After much prayer we decided not to rebuild the site.  After all, it took a lot of time and money that we did not want to invest in again.

In 2015 we began praying about the idea of rebuilding the site once again because there was nothing similar to it on the web.  By the summer of 2015 the new site was in development and the ideas we had for the new site far exceeded the old.  We are currently in the process of fine tuning the site and are excited to see what God does through a simple idea and website.

And if you were wondering, the answer is Yes!  We did use a different server company!  We are praying that God uses this site to do some incredible things for His Kingdom!